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Niche Models Workshop - Online

Understanding, developing, and interpreting niche/habitat selection models for species conservation and management will be the foundation of the Niche Model Workshop.

Workshop Basics

One-week course on resource selection function modeling and interpretation to:

  • Learn new and old techniques and how to choose the right modeling approach
  • Grow your understanding of how habitat selection models are best used to support species conservation and management
  • Gain access to our quick-start tools, including computer code, and adapt them to your own projects
  • Bring your own data for consultation with our experts to select the most appropriate data structure and model forms for analyses for your research questions

WHO:  Anyone with an interest in understanding or developing resource selection function models to support species conservation and management.  Early – late career professionals, academics, and students.

WHEN:  January 13-17, 2020.

WHERE: Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO and online via Zoom.

INSTRUCTORS: Cameron Aldridge, Adrian Monroe, David Edmunds, Julie Heinrichs

REQUIREMENTS: Access to a laptop/notebook with R.  No prior experience necessary.  We will start with the basics of visualizing data in R and progress to full habitat models of varying complexity.

COST:  Regular enrollment = $1,100 per person.  Participants are responsible for their own accommodation and travel, though recommendations will be provided.
Online class enrollment = $800 per person.  We cannot currently support online consultation time with experts on participant data and projects.